The Interior of the Apartment Cheaply and Quickly

How to update the interior apartments inexpensively and quickly?
Sooner or later, the familiarity of home bored. As a rule, the feeling of irritation because of the unwanted interior comes when for the implementation of the global finance repairs there. But that is no reason to look at the sadness bored sofas and curtains. For a minimal fee and a small personal activities, you can change the interior beyond recognition.

How to update the interior of the apartment cheaply and quickly

Here are the ways to change the budgetary situation in the house:

Change the curtains in the room. If you want to change the bedroom, the curtains together with update blanket. Of course, if you simply change the curtains on the green are the same, but the red, there will be little sense. Proceed radically! Hang wooden blinds, curtains made of beads and beads, Japanese panels or roman shades. The room immediately acquire a new and unusual appearance.
Tired of the old wardrobe? Or are you not so long ago bought a new dresser, but he managed to lose one’s attraction? No need to buy a new, decorate something that is! The easiest way to decorate the furniture – is interior stickers. They are very different themes and sizes. Stick to the drawers of funny dogs, or post on the wing cabinet of Japanese beauties with parasols, and the novelty effect is achieved. Also, you can change the furniture, paint it, pasted fabric appliques decorate using decoupage, wallpaper residues, or, finally, simply by changing the handles on the drawers more original.
Try to rearrange the furniture in places, if the room size allows. Such a small thing, like a table, unfolded in the opposite direction, very animates situation.
If in a room, whether it be living room, bedroom or kitchen, there is a large mirror, you will certainly hang. Mirroring will visually enhance the area, which is always useful, and so will the element of novelty.
Customarily the couch, you can quickly add a festive look with the help of bright assorted pillows. Old lamp quicken a new lampshade, which, incidentally, is very easy to do yourself. New bookshelf or chair rattan are not so much, and bring in home comfort and the feeling of something new. The windows decorated with stained-glass windows give the bedroom or children’s fairy tales. The canopy over the double bed, no matter how many years it did not bring a touch of romance in relationships.
If there was a little bit of money and time to more serious manipulations simply switching wallpapers. Forget the flower designs! Combine different colors and textures of wallpaper in one room, try to paste over the wall wallpaper with natural bamboo. Sometimes the new color of the walls is sufficient to home interiors again pleased.
Update the interior is very simple. Sometimes it is simply enough to hang a new picture of the tapestry, or buy a new stool to the kitchen. The main thing is to find a detail of the interior, which will appeal.