Psychology married lover and her features

Much of the female population completely refutes the opportunity to rendezvous with a married man, believing such a relationship first deadly for the soul and self pride. But there is a interior design madison number of ladies not only allow such a development, but also purposefully seek just such a scenario. Rejecting hypocrisy and pride napusknuyu can understand the very essence of the phenomenon. more info
Description of the problem
Psychology married lover and her features
Psychology married lover favorably conduct a hardened bachelor or respectable family man, so full subjected to analysis by sober lady. Most women know from experience the problem triangular vicissitudes, the main cause of infidelity men believe in them polygamy (popularly referred to as “the fat bisytsya”). read

Problems Рthe root of treason
A common problem is the root cause of the betrayal of the relationship of parents:
A child can always be a member of the parent quarrel, during which revealed the most unpleasant cases of their privacy. The result of such a “happy childhood will inability to perceive family conflicts. In his own family has grown man in moments of acute situations will instinctively seek shelter where it is taken from the entire basket of bad habits and flaws. Skilful lover are building their own behavior on this foundation – the demanding man, the loyal passion by.
Parents are busy and public employment, forget disclose his soul to the fumes. The lack of respect, abrupt changes in climate and family are not explained in deeds inspire immature child’s mind the notion of artificiality. Conjugal fidelity is not getting clear edges and any difficulties and so shake the fragile peace of the family.
A bad first sexual experience. Many do not allow options that psychology married lover depends on the behavior of the first woman. If the girl openly expressed dissatisfaction, especially in the form of bullying, subconsciousness men are constantly in a state find confirmation of their own status. Mistresses often more talkative in bed, having analyzed the possible need married boyfriend, clearly are developing a line of encouragement and praise with the successful case of its men’s potential.
Child absorbed an example of weak father. Cases when the boy grew up under the strict control of mother that clearly paved the matriarchal line. The adult male is not able to move away from oppressive relationships, as mistress acts more as a sexual psychologist. After discussing their hardships and hopelessness married life with a beautiful woman, married lover supports all findings saturated amorous pleasure, allowing you to continue to grovel in the circle of his own family.

Model behavior
Psychology married lover towards his mistress draws pattern of behavior gradually. The first experience of prohibited communications programs the husband constantly monitor the speech, movements and places of possible deployment mistress. The city in which he lives with his mistress married the hero, day by day is transformed into a map of the minefields. Man tries struggling not to get caught by the arm of his wife in his eyes passion and vice versa. For some guys this kind of situation, give to some of the positive results, the brain calculates moves forward, attention increased several times.

Model behavior “vagrants” married partner
There is a widespread view at the moment unfaithful men – “zalitnyy” young married lover. His psychology of betrayal is quite simple – the wife put before the fact of their own pregnancy and marriage have formed around the existing heir or heiress. Fortress of these bonds is highly questionable. Male nail down belly, sees better half supervisor rather than a true mate. The emergence easy and fun vents “on the side – it is an appropriate response.

Many girls went swimming in the river “marriage” on such rights often lay the responsibility for the baby to her husband. But pressure in the form of pins or jokes only leads to a desire to win the tie, the girls on the parties in this case have no means to get dominance. Psychology married man who has a mistress, is distinguished by its stable state. Incarcerated individual has the opportunity to finally get dosed trends in intimate life without morals or blackmail accompanying notes improvement of health, energy and aspirations surge and tide strength.
Psychology married lover and her features
Changes married lover
Man seeks answer v—čholennoy lovers. Forms pies wife dropped away, and the roasted meat is welcome. This psychology married lover. Mistresses are very suschestvennoee unlike wives – they have their own, full of life, they have a separate circle of friends, strangers and business success. My wife is always trampled underfoot, taking care of the family and kids, mother-of grumbling and colleagues. At the missus can always press or to demand conjugal duty, mistress away at any moment can take off from vital matters. The moment gives no influence any man passionate thirst sensation, attracting becoming stronger.

If both partners in a marriage
There is also an option when there are married lover and mistress. Psychology of data relationships beyond mere desire for novelty. Married lady not just drop to adultery, it gives a piece of his soul lover, taking her family. click here

Why am I getting married partner in a married lady?
For women, the bonds of marriage – is not an empty word, even if fictitious union (for settlement or contract). Decide on the forbidden relationship can make a girl a few factors:
Dissatisfaction own libido. Often, wealthy-looking couples hide deep conflict sexual temperaments. If a woman has a more active role and commitment to regular sexual life and does not receive a response from a man in her psyche gradually mature thoughts on additional bed intimate discharge.
Sexual coercion husband also lead to finding a suitable partner. In a situation where people from the onslaught of promoting their hidden fantasies without worrying about the emotional calm his better half, faces not only the wall of misunderstanding, and even hysterical nervous trembling. The best solution, most women determine the presence of just a married lover. After being wife completely exempt from any obligation to the fans.
Lack of quality attention of the righteous. Lacking emotional dialogue with men, women are often locked in their complexes and insults, attention from someone else’s husband feeds their ego.
Psychology married lover and her features
What are the relations?
Psychology married lover against the married lover builds up to quite significant supports. Chief among them is the full adaptation to the new passion of his own fate. A married lady, in fact, versatile cocktail that gives pleasure and confidence smuzhskyh possible, and thus shows no fatal passion okiltsyuvaty. A nice bonus is complete harmony in terms of connections on time. Free passion over time will require stricter attention, and married approaches the issue more deliberately, prorahovuyuchy all possible.
The complete absence of trivial promises and oaths qualitatively nourishes relationships of unmarried lovers. Psychology of both parties is that wild enthusiasm and desire to suppress partner missing.

Why choose a married lover?
Due harmony profitable relationship with a married woman and supplemented by purely external factors. This lady completely rejects exits in crowded places, requires parties inspirational, lively race or spa resorts. List of embezzlement married man reduced quality and easily fits into the family budget, especially if the wife of his carefully controlled. He also has a looseness married mistresses.
Animal forbidden interest matures on both sides, providing an intimate connection “tasty” sharpness. Psychology married lover is built on the same classical laws – when own missus always says of age (as in social issues and in bed), the ego demands meet the ambiguous desires.
Psychology married lover and her features
For both ideal partners
In some situations, for single mothers lifeline stanovttsya married lover. Psychology of women over the years of loneliness brings a list of positive aspects of the phenomenon. Legitimate men often disappoint their tyranny against the wife or child because married lover will not show educational initiatives towards Chad, and will not enhance the atmosphere in the house. Also look tempting rare visits – a single mother is not often possible to allocate an hour or two for themselves, so this partner will not put ultimatums.
Help in material terms, say women can just married lover. Psychology of men, knew the complexity of life, such that it is easier to compromise, he must ask less often, casually thrown phrase or breath is a partner in reflex produced by living together with his wife.