Original gift to a man for his birthday

On the traditional gifts for men walk more than a joke. Socks, shaving gel, at best cologne – do not you think it’s too simple and formal? After all, the strong half of mankind is not less diverse needs than women, and they are not limited to practical things. How to make an original gift to man? When interior design in Madison the day “X”, and you have absolutely no idea, read on and we will solve this annoying bug.
Original gift to her husband for his birthday
Intangible original gift to man
This is a great option for those who have everything, or where the husband – the main breadwinner in the family, or when “the Finance sing songs.” And do not think that such a birthday or other significant date would be less happy:

Video Greeting. Find all close contacts, old friends of her husband, with whom he rarely sees, contact them and ask them to make a short video greeting. Mount separate file in one small film (the Internet there are many lessons like this just do it) and show her husband. If the birthday fell on a weekday, then send the video to his email. Positive emotions are guaranteed.
Your photo scrapbooking technique – an original gift to man have to do more than one night, but the spa madison is worth it. Gather your best photos, concert tickets with you visited any small memorabilia (or try to find their equivalent) and nice Draw them. You can just prepare lists of materials in Word and include them in the printing center where your layout transform into a unique book in a single copy, but this work will cost dearly.

Favorite dish – a gift that will be enjoyed exactly. If you think it’s too easy, arrange a week of culinary fantasies. Daily cook tested recipes that your spouse likes and is familiar with its innovations. Such attention will not leave him indifferent.
Bank desires – a very original gift to her husband for his birthday. On separate pieces of paper, write various nice things, like going to the movies, breakfast in bed, erotic fantasies, and so on. D. Make them beautiful bank and let the man pulls on a note, when he wants. Well, you should do everything in your power to fulfill what is written on paper.
Original gift to her husband for his birthday

The whole world in secret
These original gift options will be particularly relevant if your husband – a man open and friendly:
Cards – rozkleyte announcement of his birthday in the city with a request to congratulate him on the phone or at social networks.
An article in the newspaper – you can buy a seat at the print edition and post it your greeting. The cost will depend on the size and popularity of newspapers articles.
Congratulations on the radio – even if you have to sit on the phone for an hour, but the result is worth it.
Greetings from colleagues – pre-warn them about the birthday man. Ask greet him, but let them not say where learned about the event.

Romantic launched
Predictable, but for many men it is most desired gift on birthday. Here are ideas that you both enjoy:

Develop boredom in marriage and lift yourself as a wedding gift. Of course, do not forget the beautiful wrapping – bow, which is worn on bare skin or erotic lingerie.
Potsilunkovyy gift. Adopt a nice family tradition, the birthday celebrant relies kiss him many times how old he was. And do this one again: the lips or around the face – no matter. This original gift to man has a special advantage – every year the number of kisses will grow.
Dinner – the idea itself is not new, but try to put the maximum quality of life. Flirt with a man as you did at the beginning of your relationship, help him relax and lose cargo daily worries, allow each other to concentrate only on this point.
Original gift to her husband for his birthday
Interesting gifts
Let’s say a firm ‘no’ socks and gels! Jolly Here are some options:
Gift related to hobbies husband. Acoustic Guitar, Action Cam, a set of expensive paint brushes – specific option depends on the preferences of men.
Photo autographed celebrity or a copy of the book autographed by your favorite author – this is a real treasure in the collection and show your husband that you are keenly interested in his hobbies.
Certificate of extreme entertainment – a parachute jump, flying in a small plane as a 2-year pilot, race ATVs, extreme driving course – all that gives unforgettable memories, this is the best gift to man.

Need electronics
Modern gadgets – a weakness of the majority of boys:
Pauэrbank (external battery) high capacity – to “village” electronics ever threatened your husband.
High-quality compact portable audiokolonka that works via Bluetooth – useful gift for music fans, because even in expensive smartphones sound quality equals the full column. Even better, if it is waterproof – these models can be attached to the wall in the bathroom shower and then turns into a concert.
RC helicopter kvadrokopter or other similar equipment – all men are children at heart and will are pleased that gift.