Making Mirrors in a Baguette

Making mirrors in a baguette
In the Middle Ages, the mirrors were great value, the cost of a large mirror was equal the cost of a good estate. In those days, a mirror framed with luxurious wooden frames, which are inlaid with precious stones. Mirrors were a sign of wealth and well-being, and there were only very wealthy nobility.

Making mirrors in a baguette

Today, mirrors are available, and all of the luxuries become a functional part of the interior. With the help of a mirror can not only see your reflection, but also visually increase the space (eg by hanging a large mirror in the small bathroom), highlight the shaded areas of the apartment, give depth, and even change the geometry of space.

As in ancient times, mirror frame made in the frame of baguette. After all, a mirror in a wooden frame looks elegant, frame it comes completeness and integrity. It will help to write the mirror in the interior, as well as to protect the edge of the chips.

Types of moldings for mirrors

To date, there are three basic material for the production of moldings:

Wood – for the manufacture of luxury wooden baguettes used valuable species of wood, such as oak, beech, maple. Cheaper made of spruce, pine and larch. Wooden moldings can be decorated with carvings, silver or gold leaf, stucco.
Plastic or polystyrene foam – this is the most affordable material. Plastic moldings are resistant to moisture, can withstand heavy loads. Modern technologies allow to simulate not only the color of the wood, but also its texture.
Aluminium – with special coatings or anodizing techniques, this material can be dyed in various colors. Aluminium moldings are not afraid of frost, moisture and have increased durability.
Selection of baguette for mirrors

In order to choose a baguette for the mirror needs creativity, because the frame must match the color of the interior. Typically, the frame color chosen to match the furniture or materials that have been used in the decoration of the room.

In addition to the color need to consider the overall stylistic interior orientation. If your apartment is made in a classic style or the Baroque, it is best suitable for a mirror frame made of wood with interesting, flowery ornament. For the style of hi-tech or minimalism is perfect frame of aluminum.

When choosing a baguette for the mirror is taken into account as well, and the size of the mirror. For a small mirror suitable for both wide and narrow frame. While for large mirror can only wide frame as a mirror with a narrow frame does not look aesthetically pleasing.