How to learn to control your attention?

Our focus and our mind is like a leaf that is swaying in the wind. We constantly distracting gadgets, colleagues, friends, unnecessary thoughts. Our attention belongs to anyone, but not us. So how do you learn to concentrate in the modern world and learn to control your mind. Renowned psychiatrist Edward Hellovell wrote the book “Do not distract me,” which tells the story of a few tricks. more info

Get rid of slavery electronic

In order to be calm and concentrated, you have to make a range of things in my life (and, of course, learn from it too). And, first of all, you need to minimize the damage of gadgets. The easiest way to do this – to start to have a diary in which you can observe for yourself the time you spend in vain for their gadgets. Once you see the complete picture, ask yourself:
At what time of day I spend the most time on gadgets? Why?

Another good way to stop distracted by gadgets – is a list of small things that you need to do, but the hands did not reach. For example, to call his uncle in Syktyvkar, tidy closet, read a book, which for several months waiting in the wings. goods and services directory
Add sports

Without good physical tone you do not shine the ability to concentrate. Optional immediately start going to the gym. Simply walking exercise at least half an hour a day. Find a friend who likes to walk, get a dog or listen to audio books while doing this. In general, think of something to at least 30 minutes a day to spend outdoors.

By the way, remember that combine business with pleasure – is the new trend. Many businessmen meet and discuss their affairs while walking or jogging common. Do not keep up with the powerful. read here


Proved: regular meditation improves many psychological functions. Moreover, meditation helps increase gray matter in the brain and improves leadership skills. Many believe that in order to begin to meditate, you need to learn any special tricks and techniques.

You’ll only find a quiet space, network on a sofa or chair, close your eyes and relax. Now just breathe. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Focus on your breathing, let the thoughts flow quietly by you. Even if you meditate twice a day for 3-5 minutes, then improve not only concentration, but you will decrease blood pressure.
How to learn to control your attention?

Forget multitasking

Scientists have repeatedly argued that multitasking – is a myth. Of course, when talking on the phone with uninteresting companion while stroking his shirt, then perhaps you can also combine these two things. But if you are talking on the phone with a clever conversationalist while trying to make an annual report, it is unlikely that it will have without sacrificing quality of these two classes.

Our brain can instantly switch from one class to another. For this he needs time. So the easiest way to do everything as quickly as possible – to do things consistently.

Unloading brain

If you always have a concern, then perhaps it hurt you control your attention and your psyche. Take a piece of paper and a pen and vyhlyupnit all that you have accumulated. Write everything that bothers you, then divide the list into two parts. One of the things may be, what you can influence, and the other – things and events that you are not dependent.

Of the cases from the first list immediately begin to understand and deal with the second list, simply release them and let the Universe “razrulit.”
How to learn to control your attention?

Do not worry alone

If you are worried about something much, do not worry alone. Find a people who will listen and help you. If you long to cook their problems, they can become a real nightmare. When one listens to you, you become calmer. info
Add structure around

When our life is the structure, we become more concentrated. Here are some options structure that leads Edward: “Diary of scheduled meetings; closed doors; open the door; routine, written in verse; off device; a day dedicated to rest; grammar; alarm; set of laws; timer for cooking eggs, standing next to your computer. “