How many actually living a true love?

That unique feeling, like love, has always treated differently: it praised to the skies, praised and worshiped, and sometimes cursed and considered a real plague that destroys human freedom. Time is running out, and humanity has failed to answer the question what is true love and how long it can exist between two people.
These thoughts concern ordinary people who can not deal with their feelings, these same questions are asked scientists, writers and even doctors. Put forward many theories and assumptions, but still, what about the reality?
How many lives true love? Many of you have probably come to mind the name of Frederick Behbedera popular novel “Love lives three years” in which the author in an explicit form of acrimonious talks over the lifetime of this feeling. dentist Miami
How many actually living a true love?
Interestingly, many scientists and psychologists agree with the author, putting forward the hypothesis that love, no matter how strong it may be, is able to last up to 3 years. Well after that, you ask, because many couples are also living much more than scientists nominated by the term? stylist Miami
And then be a normal habit, commitment, obligation, in general, anything but bright and passionate feeling of love. There’s even a hypothesis that love – is nothing more than a mental disorder, a disease that can be cured or just wait until the infamous 2-3 years.
Are you agree with this opinion, is still scientists and psychologists rushed with such sad conclusions? Maybe keep love on a long term or we all want it or not, are required to submit this amazing qualities of human nature? beauty USA

As a born and love lives?

To little to understand this complicated case, we decided to remember how it originates deep feelings between man and woman. And the whole process is quite simple: two people meet each other, communicate, and sometimes not even speak, and if in between breaks, so-called “spark”, then most likely, they enter into a relationship.
By the way, many people like to believe that these are the first, most vivid and passionate feelings is love. But psychologists and common sense suggest that it is not: it is impossible to love a man who does not know. Your new status – a love – a beautiful and gentle feeling really comparable with a slight mental disorder.
How many actually living a true love?
During this period, people in love is not himself, he always wants to be close to the object of his passion, feeling confused, and all the emotions and thoughts interior design madison only on her (it). Such feelings often praised in poems and songs about him all the dream world of romance, though not all think that this overwhelming feeling can not last too long, and usually ends in a few months.
During this period, the lovers do not see any flaws in each other, spending days and nights, they begin to know each other, entering the next phase of learning. here more
Now lovers can not be called “blind” feelings become less bright, but still anxious and more meaningful. This is the first stage is a turning point in the relationship, especially if removing the mask, former lover realize that nothing between them.

At this stage of learning to look for compromises is “grinding”, in which process and decided whether these relations will grow into something bigger and durable. Usually, this stage ends in 2-3 years relations at a time when, according to many psychologists, is love.
In fact, the only people who were able to go through all the problems and difficulties, never leaving the previous stages, managed to keep the thrill of feeling, tenderness and trust finally know true love. Usually these people have long been combining common goals and aspirations, they know for what they are together all the worst test of time behind a long time, and they usually provide very strong family.
How many actually living a true love? dance studio Miami
But, of course, the question is individual and does not apply to all without exception. True love can not be called an instant sensation, a spark, a longtime result of hard work by both partners still managed to build strong relationships based on respect, mutual trust and affection.

So how love lives?

Who can answer this question? Perhaps spa services Madison it a great feeling impossible, but to support and rebuild the building block for building block – is even necessary. You can be happy and for 20 years of marriage, to feel the passion and excitement before the advent loved even many years after the Waltz Mendelssohn died down, but you can give up just a few months of relationship, and it primarily will depend on themselves lovers. spa service Miami
Problems and difficulties are in every way, without the ability to overcome them and decide you can hardly ever be completely happy. Perhaps only just met the same, you want the person you love to carry through life.