How can you change your past?

Each of us was wrong, and some errors were fatal and changed lives. And you can fix them, or you can change the past?
Is it possible to change the past?

Unfortunately, the time machine has not yet invented, so return to the past is impossible. Yet despair not interior design in Madison it, because something still can be done. It all depends on your perception. Generally, events and phenomena that occur in life – is something intangible and subjective.
How can you change your past?
In other words, what is not possible, for example, touch. In addition, a situation may be treated differently not only by different people, but one person at different times. This means that you can not change the past, but their attitude to him, emotions, thoughts, opinions, conclusions and so on. This can really help and not once helped a lot.
What to do if you really want to correct the mistakes of the past?

So how can you change your past and correct mistakes once committed?

Live the present, think about the future. After all, the idea of a man is not his past actions, although of course they may also have some impact. But a great and good work may block all your mistakes. So if you are experiencing due to the fact that once done something bad, you start right now to do good. Then think of you will be quite different.

Change your attitude to the event, find positive sides. For example, if a few years ago you could not go to university, so did not get a good job, look at it another way, look for pros. So, think about what this profession just does not suit you. Believe that the best you ahead. And if you have the other half and baby, remember that they were probably just due to the fact that if you started to learn, and decided to organize oblychchyaste life and enjoy it. After all, everything that is done – for the better. And the positive aspects can be found throughout.

Think of the so-called “butterfly effect”, known to all on the same film. Heroes of the bestselling were able to travel in time, but it did not lead to anything good. By changing something in the past, you will certainly change the present and even the future, and not necessarily for the better. This idea will really let go, finally, once held the event for which you blame yourself.

Try to go back and mentally imagine that you have done differently. Remember your emotions, thoughts, status, facial expressions, gestures, in short, everything. And when you start to remember again the error, return recorded in the state in which you were making all different. This mental exercise will help you relax and forget everything bad.

If you have that someone caused the pain, just talk to that person. Tell him about your feelings, ask for forgiveness. Perhaps he will understand and forgive, and this will allow you to finally forget about what happened.

Imagine that it did not happen to you. Try to look at the situation from the outside, if you are watching a movie with your participation. Maybe what happened will seem not so serious. In addition, you can begin to empathize with the heroes of virtual and fictional film and, eventually, to understand them and then himself.

Zmyritsya. If you believe in God or fate, just assume that what happened had to happen and does not depend on you. And even if you wanted to be much more time to change something, would not be able to do this because the world and life run a higher power. Yes, such thoughts will not change the past, but help you stop reprove himself and to think about their mistakes.

Analyze the situation and pereosmyslit it. If you have done some work, then ask yourself why you did so, and not otherwise. Think of all the details of the event and determine what influenced your decision, action. Perhaps your experience will help you understand what other options just not there, or they were simply unacceptable.

You can try to appeal to the hypnotist. The past session of hypnosis certainly not change, but help you experience the situation, relive it, to understand what you are worried, to understand their thoughts and feelings. And if you’re in such a way vstryahnete their minds, it can interpret it very differently and you begin to relate to events much easier.

Change your life and yourself to become another person. Surprisingly, it works. Start with his appearance: a wardrobe update, change your hairstyle, hair color, style generally all that may resemble the past. Soon you will notice that feel quite differently. From external changes to go inside. First, Get rid of bad habits. Then start to develop a new quality to learn something new and improve skills. Feeling another person, you completely change your life destiny. And if life is now you have another, then everything that happened before to you is irrelevant. It was a different reality.

Understand that all wrong, and you also have the right to do so. After all, if there were errors, there would be no experience and would not have you, that this man that you are.