Facet In the Interior

Making bevel
The word “facet” in French means “the brink”. This title is the best conveys the essence of this technology is that its complexity and as a result obtained a great result resembles the process of gemstone processing.

Making bevel

Technical features of the production of bevel

Making bevel – is not a new technology. Even in ancient times, masters working with glass, noticed that treating the edges in a special way, you can get an unusual optical effect. It is based on the fact that the sun’s rays reflected from the surface having a certain angle. Initially, the process was very laborious and time-consuming, and therefore cost a lot of money. After all, it was necessary not only to remove the edge, but also carefully polished surface. Technological advances have allowed to create machines for bevelling, which are able to carry out both operations simultaneously. They can be used to handle both straight and curved surfaces, but the latter is quite rare. For the manufacture of bevel use ordinary glass thickness of 3-19 mm. The higher the value, the more effective will be the end result. Bevel angle and, therefore, its width can be varied to achieve the desired effect.

Facet in the interior

Usually decorate facet mirrors and glass, used in the production of furniture, windows, interior doors. However, the most impressive looks, perhaps, glass furniture manufactured using this technology. Bevelling has great decorative potential, since using different types of glass (eg, frosted, colored or corrugated), the end result will differ markedly. However, the aerobatics can be considered manufacturing a double bevel. The resulting play of light while vividly recalls the famous Swarovski crystals. Engraving successfully complement the brilliant – in the truest sense of the word – image. Successfully combined with bevel polished wooden surfaces and inserts made of precious metals.

In conclusion, the bevelling should be used to decorate the interior very carefully, taking into account where there are sources of light and how it is reflected. Solutions to this problem is to entrust the professional designer as live among promiscuous, glare is not really comfortable.