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What is the citadel? The military operation “Citadel”.

What is the citadel? How does it differ from the fortress or castle? When and who carried out the military operation “Citadel”? All these questions can find answers in our article.
Brief history of fortifications
People began to defend their homes, villages of ancient times. Most first fortification structure can be considered a settlement – a system of earthen walls, which was erected around the settlements. Later they were surrounded by wooden palisades, later – stone walls and towers with loopholes.
What is the citadel? The military operation “Citadel”.
In the Middle Ages begin to build huge castles, with high and strong walls, battlements, bastions, redoubts and ditches filled with water. What is the citadel? When did it arise? Let’s try to understand this issue.

The fortress-citadel: What is it?
The earliest citadel there in the cities of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. These powerful reinforcement not only protect people, but also embodied the strength and power of the state.
To answer the question, what is the citadel, refer to the etymology of the term. Translated from Italian “citadel” (cittadella) – is a small fortified town or village. However, there is another version of the origin of the word. Some researchers associate the term with the Latin word civis “, which translates as” citizen. ”
In terms of architecture, citadel fortress called good that protects the city, or inside, the most reliable part of the castle, where residents can take refuge in the most extreme cases. Citadel usually can make defense against enemy troops alone.

What is the citadel? The military operation “Citadel”.
A landmark feature of the citadel is that it appears the latest stronghold of the defense of the city, when all other facilities and defenses are taken. Citadel must have sufficient space to accommodate not only military garrison, but needed rations (food, weapons and ammunition).
Synonymous with the word “stronghold” is an architectural term “fire.” This name can often be found in Russian chronicles XIV-XVI centuries. The term most likely comes from the word “castrum” – “castle”.
How different from the citadel fortress?
Among scientists and researchers do not have a single and coherent system of concepts concerning certain elements of fortification.
The fortress (or castle) – a general name for the whole system of fortifications established around the city, village or feudal palace. At the same time, the citadel is only part of a separate element of the defense system.
Thus, if a first protective outpost understand the position of any strength, the citadel – a last point of defense. If the city walls and outer fortifications were captured by the enemy, the garrison could continue defending it in the citadel.
What is the plan of “Citadel”?
July 5, 1943 began a massive strategic offensive forces of the Wehrmacht on the position of Soviet troops in the Kursk bridgehead. This military operation was in the name of history – a plan of “Citadel”.
What is the citadel? The military operation “Citadel”.
The task of the German headquarters was the most rapid encirclement of the enemy and their immediate destruction. However, the Red Army command has been able to organize a competent and successful defense. And, at the end of six days after the operation, the situation for the Germans was extremely disappointing. The result of the offensive “Citadel” became a complete failure for the Nazi troops.
Now you know what a citadel, and how it differs from other fortification elements. This is the most reliable and fortified part of the fortress, which serves as the last refuge for the garrison defending the city.

Interesting facts about physics. Physics around us: interesting facts

What science is rich with interesting facts? Physics! Grade 7 – a time when students begin to study it. For serious subject seemed so boring, we propose to start learning interesting facts.
Interesting facts about physics. Physics around us: interesting facts
Why seven colors in the rainbow
Interesting facts about physics may apply even rainbows! Number of colors it has identified Isaac Newton. Phenomena such as rainbows, interest in Aristotle and Persian scholar essence it opened in 13-14 century. Nevertheless, we are guided by the description of the rainbow, which made Newton’s work “Optics” in 1704. He identified the color of a glass prism.

If you look closely at the rainbow, you can see how the colors flow smoothly from one to another, creating a huge number of shades. And Newton initially identified five key: purple, blue, green, yellow, red. But the scientist had a passion for numerology, and therefore wanted to bring the number of colors to the mystical number “seven”. He added to the description of two rainbow colors – orange and blue. So out semybarvna rainbow.
Form liquid
Physics around us. Interesting facts may surprise us, even when it comes to such familiar things as ordinary water. We all used to think that liquid does not have its own form, this says even a school textbook on physics! However, it is not. The natural liquid form – the ball.
Interesting facts about physics. Physics around us: interesting facts
The height of the Eiffel Tower
What is the exact height of the Eiffel Tower? This depends on the weather! The fact that the height of the tower varies by as much as 12 centimeters. This is what a hot sunny weather, the structure is heated, and the temperature beams can reach 40 degrees Celsius. And as you know, the substance may expand under heat.

Desperate scientists
Interesting facts about physicists can not only be fun, but also talk about their dedication and devotion to the beloved. In the study of electric arc physicist Vasily Petrov removed the top layer of skin on the fingertips to feel weak currents.
But Isaac Newton introduced in your own eyes to understand the nature of the probe. The scientist believed we see that the world presses on the retina.
Interesting facts about physics. Physics around us: interesting facts
Interesting facts about physics can help to understand the properties of such interesting things like quicksand. They are nenyutonovskuyu liquid. A person or animal can not dive into the quicksand entirely due to the high viscosity, but get out of it is very difficult. To pull up with sand zybucheho need to make an effort comparable to a car show.
It can not sink, but the danger to life are dehydration, sun, tides. When injected into the quicksand need to lie back and wait for help.
Interesting facts about physics. Physics around us: interesting facts
Supersonic speed
You know who was the first device, preodolevshee sound barrier? Straight shepherd whip. Click scaring cows is nothing like cotton in overcoming the speed of sound! If a strong stroke the tip of the whip moves so fast, creating a shock wave in the air. The same thing happens with the plane moving at supersonic speed.

Photonic areas
Interesting facts about the physics of black holes and the nature of those who sometimes can not even imagine implementing theoretically calculations. It is known that light consists of photons. Getting under the influence of gravity to form a black hole photons arc, an area where they begin to revolve in its orbit. Scientists believe that if you put a person in such a photon sphere, he can see his own back.

It is unlikely that you rozmotuvaly tape in a vacuum, but scientists in their labs did. I found that there is unwinding at visible light and X-rays. The power of X-rays is that even allows you to take pictures of the body! But why is this happening – a mystery. A similar effect can be seen in the destruction of the asymmetric bonds in the crystal. But here’s the thing – no crystal structure in the adhesive tape no. So scientists have come up with another explanation. Do not be afraid to unwind the tape at home – no radiation in the air occurs.
Experiments on humans
In 1746 the French physicist and, concurrently, the priest Jean-Antoine Noll studied the nature of electric current. The scientist decided to find out what the rate of electric current. But how to do it in terms of the monastery
Physicist invited to experiment 200 monks, combined them with iron wire and rozryadyv poor fellows in the battery of a newly invented Leyden jars (they are the first capacitors). All the monks responded to both strike and it made clear that the current rate is extremely high.
Interesting facts about physics. Physics around us: interesting facts
Brilliant Losers
Interesting facts from the life of physicists can give false hopes unsuccessful students. Among negligent students walking legend that Einstein was the most famous real Losers ill knew mathematics and general flunked exams. And nothing, became world famous scientist. We hasten to disappoint: Albert Einstein began to show exceptional mathematical ability as a child and had knowledge that far surpass the curriculum.

Perhaps the rumors of poor academic achievement emerged that he immediately joined the Higher Polytechnic School of Zurich. Albert brilliantly passed examinations in physics and mathematics, but in other disciplines required number of points not scored. Pulling knowledge from the relevant items, future scientist successfully passed the exams next year. He was 17 years old.
Birds on a wire
Have you noticed that birds like to sit on the wires? But why they do not die from electric shock? The fact that the body – not a good conductor. Bird paws create parallel connection, through which runs a small current. Electricity prefer wire that is the best guide. But when the bird is a touch element, such as a grounded support, as electricity is sent through her body, leading to death.
Interesting facts about physics. Physics around us: interesting facts
Hatches against fireballs
Interesting facts about physics can remember even when viewing the urban racing “Formula 1”. Sport race cars moving at such high speeds, between the bottom of the car and the road surface creates low pressure, which is enough to lift the manhole cover into the air. That’s what happened to one of the local races. Manhole cover faced with the following machine fire, the race was stopped. Since then, in order to avoid accidents manhole covers are welded to the rim.
Natural nuclear reactor
One of the most important branches of science – nuclear physics. Interesting facts are here. Did you know that 2 billion years ago in the area acted Oklo natural nuclear reactor true? The reaction proceeded 100,000 years before the uranium lived not decreased.
An interesting fact is that the reactor was self-correcting – to mine uranium ore fell into the water, which played the role of moderator neurons. With active during the chain reaction of water boiling dry reaction weakened.

How to learn to control your attention?

Our focus and our mind is like a leaf that is swaying in the wind. We constantly distracting gadgets, colleagues, friends, unnecessary thoughts. Our attention belongs to anyone, but not us. So how do you learn to concentrate in the modern world and learn to control your mind. Renowned psychiatrist Edward Hellovell wrote the book “Do not distract me,” which tells the story of a few tricks. more info

Get rid of slavery electronic

In order to be calm and concentrated, you have to make a range of things in my life (and, of course, learn from it too). And, first of all, you need to minimize the damage of gadgets. The easiest way to do this – to start to have a diary in which you can observe for yourself the time you spend in vain for their gadgets. Once you see the complete picture, ask yourself:
At what time of day I spend the most time on gadgets? Why?

Another good way to stop distracted by gadgets – is a list of small things that you need to do, but the hands did not reach. For example, to call his uncle in Syktyvkar, tidy closet, read a book, which for several months waiting in the wings. goods and services directory
Add sports

Without good physical tone you do not shine the ability to concentrate. Optional immediately start going to the gym. Simply walking exercise at least half an hour a day. Find a friend who likes to walk, get a dog or listen to audio books while doing this. In general, think of something to at least 30 minutes a day to spend outdoors.

By the way, remember that combine business with pleasure – is the new trend. Many businessmen meet and discuss their affairs while walking or jogging common. Do not keep up with the powerful. read here


Proved: regular meditation improves many psychological functions. Moreover, meditation helps increase gray matter in the brain and improves leadership skills. Many believe that in order to begin to meditate, you need to learn any special tricks and techniques.

You’ll only find a quiet space, network on a sofa or chair, close your eyes and relax. Now just breathe. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Focus on your breathing, let the thoughts flow quietly by you. Even if you meditate twice a day for 3-5 minutes, then improve not only concentration, but you will decrease blood pressure.
How to learn to control your attention?

Forget multitasking

Scientists have repeatedly argued that multitasking – is a myth. Of course, when talking on the phone with uninteresting companion while stroking his shirt, then perhaps you can also combine these two things. But if you are talking on the phone with a clever conversationalist while trying to make an annual report, it is unlikely that it will have without sacrificing quality of these two classes.

Our brain can instantly switch from one class to another. For this he needs time. So the easiest way to do everything as quickly as possible – to do things consistently.

Unloading brain

If you always have a concern, then perhaps it hurt you control your attention and your psyche. Take a piece of paper and a pen and vyhlyupnit all that you have accumulated. Write everything that bothers you, then divide the list into two parts. One of the things may be, what you can influence, and the other – things and events that you are not dependent.

Of the cases from the first list immediately begin to understand and deal with the second list, simply release them and let the Universe “razrulit.”
How to learn to control your attention?

Do not worry alone

If you are worried about something much, do not worry alone. Find a people who will listen and help you. If you long to cook their problems, they can become a real nightmare. When one listens to you, you become calmer. info
Add structure around

When our life is the structure, we become more concentrated. Here are some options structure that leads Edward: “Diary of scheduled meetings; closed doors; open the door; routine, written in verse; off device; a day dedicated to rest; grammar; alarm; set of laws; timer for cooking eggs, standing next to your computer. “

Psychology married lover and her features

Much of the female population completely refutes the opportunity to rendezvous with a married man, believing such a relationship first deadly for the soul and self pride. But there is a interior design madison number of ladies not only allow such a development, but also purposefully seek just such a scenario. Rejecting hypocrisy and pride napusknuyu can understand the very essence of the phenomenon. more info
Description of the problem
Psychology married lover and her features
Psychology married lover favorably conduct a hardened bachelor or respectable family man, so full subjected to analysis by sober lady. Most women know from experience the problem triangular vicissitudes, the main cause of infidelity men believe in them polygamy (popularly referred to as “the fat bisytsya”). read

Problems – the root of treason
A common problem is the root cause of the betrayal of the relationship of parents:
A child can always be a member of the parent quarrel, during which revealed the most unpleasant cases of their privacy. The result of such a “happy childhood will inability to perceive family conflicts. In his own family has grown man in moments of acute situations will instinctively seek shelter where it is taken from the entire basket of bad habits and flaws. Skilful lover are building their own behavior on this foundation – the demanding man, the loyal passion by.
Parents are busy and public employment, forget disclose his soul to the fumes. The lack of respect, abrupt changes in climate and family are not explained in deeds inspire immature child’s mind the notion of artificiality. Conjugal fidelity is not getting clear edges and any difficulties and so shake the fragile peace of the family.
A bad first sexual experience. Many do not allow options that psychology married lover depends on the behavior of the first woman. If the girl openly expressed dissatisfaction, especially in the form of bullying, subconsciousness men are constantly in a state find confirmation of their own status. Mistresses often more talkative in bed, having analyzed the possible need married boyfriend, clearly are developing a line of encouragement and praise with the successful case of its men’s potential.
Child absorbed an example of weak father. Cases when the boy grew up under the strict control of mother that clearly paved the matriarchal line. The adult male is not able to move away from oppressive relationships, as mistress acts more as a sexual psychologist. After discussing their hardships and hopelessness married life with a beautiful woman, married lover supports all findings saturated amorous pleasure, allowing you to continue to grovel in the circle of his own family.

Model behavior
Psychology married lover towards his mistress draws pattern of behavior gradually. The first experience of prohibited communications programs the husband constantly monitor the speech, movements and places of possible deployment mistress. The city in which he lives with his mistress married the hero, day by day is transformed into a map of the minefields. Man tries struggling not to get caught by the arm of his wife in his eyes passion and vice versa. For some guys this kind of situation, give to some of the positive results, the brain calculates moves forward, attention increased several times.

Model behavior “vagrants” married partner
There is a widespread view at the moment unfaithful men – “zalitnyy” young married lover. His psychology of betrayal is quite simple – the wife put before the fact of their own pregnancy and marriage have formed around the existing heir or heiress. Fortress of these bonds is highly questionable. Male nail down belly, sees better half supervisor rather than a true mate. The emergence easy and fun vents “on the side – it is an appropriate response.

Many girls went swimming in the river “marriage” on such rights often lay the responsibility for the baby to her husband. But pressure in the form of pins or jokes only leads to a desire to win the tie, the girls on the parties in this case have no means to get dominance. Psychology married man who has a mistress, is distinguished by its stable state. Incarcerated individual has the opportunity to finally get dosed trends in intimate life without morals or blackmail accompanying notes improvement of health, energy and aspirations surge and tide strength.
Psychology married lover and her features
Changes married lover
Man seeks answer vыholennoy lovers. Forms pies wife dropped away, and the roasted meat is welcome. This psychology married lover. Mistresses are very suschestvennoee unlike wives – they have their own, full of life, they have a separate circle of friends, strangers and business success. My wife is always trampled underfoot, taking care of the family and kids, mother-of grumbling and colleagues. At the missus can always press or to demand conjugal duty, mistress away at any moment can take off from vital matters. The moment gives no influence any man passionate thirst sensation, attracting becoming stronger.

If both partners in a marriage
There is also an option when there are married lover and mistress. Psychology of data relationships beyond mere desire for novelty. Married lady not just drop to adultery, it gives a piece of his soul lover, taking her family. click here

Why am I getting married partner in a married lady?
For women, the bonds of marriage – is not an empty word, even if fictitious union (for settlement or contract). Decide on the forbidden relationship can make a girl a few factors:
Dissatisfaction own libido. Often, wealthy-looking couples hide deep conflict sexual temperaments. If a woman has a more active role and commitment to regular sexual life and does not receive a response from a man in her psyche gradually mature thoughts on additional bed intimate discharge.
Sexual coercion husband also lead to finding a suitable partner. In a situation where people from the onslaught of promoting their hidden fantasies without worrying about the emotional calm his better half, faces not only the wall of misunderstanding, and even hysterical nervous trembling. The best solution, most women determine the presence of just a married lover. After being wife completely exempt from any obligation to the fans.
Lack of quality attention of the righteous. Lacking emotional dialogue with men, women are often locked in their complexes and insults, attention from someone else’s husband feeds their ego.
Psychology married lover and her features
What are the relations?
Psychology married lover against the married lover builds up to quite significant supports. Chief among them is the full adaptation to the new passion of his own fate. A married lady, in fact, versatile cocktail that gives pleasure and confidence smuzhskyh possible, and thus shows no fatal passion okiltsyuvaty. A nice bonus is complete harmony in terms of connections on time. Free passion over time will require stricter attention, and married approaches the issue more deliberately, prorahovuyuchy all possible.
The complete absence of trivial promises and oaths qualitatively nourishes relationships of unmarried lovers. Psychology of both parties is that wild enthusiasm and desire to suppress partner missing.

Why choose a married lover?
Due harmony profitable relationship with a married woman and supplemented by purely external factors. This lady completely rejects exits in crowded places, requires parties inspirational, lively race or spa resorts. List of embezzlement married man reduced quality and easily fits into the family budget, especially if the wife of his carefully controlled. He also has a looseness married mistresses.
Animal forbidden interest matures on both sides, providing an intimate connection “tasty” sharpness. Psychology married lover is built on the same classical laws – when own missus always says of age (as in social issues and in bed), the ego demands meet the ambiguous desires.
Psychology married lover and her features
For both ideal partners
In some situations, for single mothers lifeline stanovttsya married lover. Psychology of women over the years of loneliness brings a list of positive aspects of the phenomenon. Legitimate men often disappoint their tyranny against the wife or child because married lover will not show educational initiatives towards Chad, and will not enhance the atmosphere in the house. Also look tempting rare visits – a single mother is not often possible to allocate an hour or two for themselves, so this partner will not put ultimatums.
Help in material terms, say women can just married lover. Psychology of men, knew the complexity of life, such that it is easier to compromise, he must ask less often, casually thrown phrase or breath is a partner in reflex produced by living together with his wife.

How to be a happy woman if you are one?

Many women can not imagine myself without her husband. They think if there is no second half, you can not be happy. But psychologists say the opposite. Happiness is, and, oddly enough, it should be very close. You just need to interior design madison how to take life. In this article you will find answers to the question: “How to be a happy woman if you have one?”, “What is happiness?”, “How to replenish female pleasure?”. house
What is happiness?
Few people know the answer to this question. For some people, fortunately, when the next favorite, for others – family health and so on. D. However, clearly no one can say how to be a happy woman if you are one.

Happiness – a state of mind of each person. If it harmony, heart easily, is with whom to communicate, share experiences, no big problems, this oblychchyastist fully satisfied with life.
How to be a happy woman if you have one? psychologist
The famous novelist Ayn Rand believes that happiness – is primarily a harmony with itself. Man can not make people around them to love themselves. Because happiness can not be called love. Today it is, and tomorrow it is not. The same applies to friends. Some friends took the other.
Philosopher Blaise Pascal says that happiness – a fun person at that moment. No matter what he does. If oblychchyastist enjoys her soul happy.
As you can see, each person has a concept party. Psychologists claim to be happy everything. Whatever problems and mood. This highly important and want to listen to the experts. interior design Miami

A happy without a man
Many women find that they have to be significant other. They think that no man can not be happy and successful. As shown, not everyone has a favorite. However, for some reason some women are happy and others – no. Why is this happening? How to be a happy woman if you have one? Psychologists to these questions give advice:
1. Find happiness in themselves. Try to live as you want. You do not have to ask anybody permission, you have the option at any time to go wherever you want. That’ll pass a little time and you enjoy spending time with them. For many women feel lonely even when there are people nearby. limo service Miami
2. Remember, the prince on a white horse is not. They happen, but rarely. However, do not hope and wait in vain. While you search, learn to deal with them. Find an interesting hobby that you turn away from the sad thoughts.
How to be a happy woman if you have one? psychologist
3. Love yourself. Never forget that only you can give itself the happiness that will not give you the people – freedom. It required almost every woman. Only free is not all.
4. Men appreciate women rarely deeds and kindness. So do not live for them. So if you have a loved one was – it was good. Still, do not forget about yourself. Always talking about himself: “I be happy, no matter what.” dance Miami 

It should always be a woman
Typically, if there are no loved one, the fairer sex is stronger oblychchyastistyu. Woman asks for help and always tries to cope on their own. About such people say “man in a skirt.” So should not. Remember, you should always be gentle, feminine, beloved and unique. This is the main rule.
How to be a happy woman if you have one? psychologist
A woman should not be ashamed to ask for help. Even if it is strong oblychchyastist, all know spa services Madison is not required. Try to show others their weakness and helplessness. After all, these women are attracted to men.
Psychologists say that women must often say to yourself: “I am happy.” This suggestion helps you find yourself and your hobbies. Remember, staying above a woman can be happy without a man. Of course, someday he will be in you. Because you learn to be on top, you can do without men. These women are the stronger sex appreciates more. They are afraid of losing a loved and do everything possible not to lose its credibility and fill the spiritual void.

What is important for women’s happiness
You do not want to feel lonely? Do not know how to live without a husband? Psychologists say that the first thing to be able to get distracted. Ask yourself: “How to be happy without a man?”. You’ll see, it’s simple. There are a few tips. Some will approach you;
Massage – a relaxing way required of every man and woman in particular. Proved: thanks to touch certain points improved state of mind, and a man comes out of the salon with a different mood. Poor forgotten, and good mentioned.
Hairstyle, manicure, pedicure make a woman more beautiful and confident in themselves. The weak sex starts to treat themselves differently. here
Beauty Shop – meet new people. Try to meet new people. If you go once a week to the beauty salon will likely find there is a girlfriend of interest. Not necessarily sekretnychaty with it, but you can also have a good time.
Phoning. Many women find that it is a waste of time. However, you throw away your energy. Why not talk on the phone two o’clock. Proved: a woman gets so relaxing effect.
Shopping is necessary for every woman. Through field trips to the shops you forget about everything. Almost every person new things is fun.
How to be a happy woman if you have one? psychologist

The above spoblychchya help women to relax, to enjoy life and be happier. However, the method is much more important that people understand that it is necessary to him. Now you understand how to be a happy woman if you have one. Try to enjoy the solitude, but not overdo it. Sometimes men need fairer sex as air

Factors female happiness
It is believed that the weak become happy only when there are people, family, children and many worries. Today psychologists argue that there are other moments in a woman’s life. Many of them are wondering, “how to be happy and loved.” Psychology claims that there are 4 phases in life:
Physical. The closeness or intimacy – relaxing factor. When a person is physically enthusiastic work partner, then in that he is happy. However, it is necessary that you liked what you do. If physical work is not to their liking, but for profit, whereas in this case the happiness does not have to think. read more
Emotional. This phase is responsible for mood, his state of mind. So if you are cheerful, at heart you relaxed and comfortable while in the emotional phase you happy man.
Intelligent. Do you have a specialty, you could get the profession, and you wanted and now working at a favorite place. You completely happy man in the intellectual sphere.
Spiritual. You notice the world. When going to work, enjoys life, helping people who need you. You are completely satisfied in this area.
How to be a happy woman if you have one? psychologist
Note these phases. Most likely you understand how to be happy and loved. Psychology – is a complex science. First of all, it teaches people to understand themselves. click

How many actually living a true love?

That unique feeling, like love, has always treated differently: it praised to the skies, praised and worshiped, and sometimes cursed and considered a real plague that destroys human freedom. Time is running out, and humanity has failed to answer the question what is true love and how long it can exist between two people.
These thoughts concern ordinary people who can not deal with their feelings, these same questions are asked scientists, writers and even doctors. Put forward many theories and assumptions, but still, what about the reality?
How many lives true love? Many of you have probably come to mind the name of Frederick Behbedera popular novel “Love lives three years” in which the author in an explicit form of acrimonious talks over the lifetime of this feeling. dentist Miami
How many actually living a true love?
Interestingly, many scientists and psychologists agree with the author, putting forward the hypothesis that love, no matter how strong it may be, is able to last up to 3 years. Well after that, you ask, because many couples are also living much more than scientists nominated by the term? stylist Miami
And then be a normal habit, commitment, obligation, in general, anything but bright and passionate feeling of love. There’s even a hypothesis that love – is nothing more than a mental disorder, a disease that can be cured or just wait until the infamous 2-3 years.
Are you agree with this opinion, is still scientists and psychologists rushed with such sad conclusions? Maybe keep love on a long term or we all want it or not, are required to submit this amazing qualities of human nature? beauty USA

As a born and love lives?

To little to understand this complicated case, we decided to remember how it originates deep feelings between man and woman. And the whole process is quite simple: two people meet each other, communicate, and sometimes not even speak, and if in between breaks, so-called “spark”, then most likely, they enter into a relationship.
By the way, many people like to believe that these are the first, most vivid and passionate feelings is love. But psychologists and common sense suggest that it is not: it is impossible to love a man who does not know. Your new status – a love – a beautiful and gentle feeling really comparable with a slight mental disorder.
How many actually living a true love?
During this period, people in love is not himself, he always wants to be close to the object of his passion, feeling confused, and all the emotions and thoughts interior design madison only on her (it). Such feelings often praised in poems and songs about him all the dream world of romance, though not all think that this overwhelming feeling can not last too long, and usually ends in a few months.
During this period, the lovers do not see any flaws in each other, spending days and nights, they begin to know each other, entering the next phase of learning. here more
Now lovers can not be called “blind” feelings become less bright, but still anxious and more meaningful. This is the first stage is a turning point in the relationship, especially if removing the mask, former lover realize that nothing between them.

At this stage of learning to look for compromises is “grinding”, in which process and decided whether these relations will grow into something bigger and durable. Usually, this stage ends in 2-3 years relations at a time when, according to many psychologists, is love.
In fact, the only people who were able to go through all the problems and difficulties, never leaving the previous stages, managed to keep the thrill of feeling, tenderness and trust finally know true love. Usually these people have long been combining common goals and aspirations, they know for what they are together all the worst test of time behind a long time, and they usually provide very strong family.
How many actually living a true love? dance studio Miami
But, of course, the question is individual and does not apply to all without exception. True love can not be called an instant sensation, a spark, a longtime result of hard work by both partners still managed to build strong relationships based on respect, mutual trust and affection.

So how love lives?

Who can answer this question? Perhaps spa services Madison it a great feeling impossible, but to support and rebuild the building block for building block – is even necessary. You can be happy and for 20 years of marriage, to feel the passion and excitement before the advent loved even many years after the Waltz Mendelssohn died down, but you can give up just a few months of relationship, and it primarily will depend on themselves lovers. spa service Miami
Problems and difficulties are in every way, without the ability to overcome them and decide you can hardly ever be completely happy. Perhaps only just met the same, you want the person you love to carry through life.

How do you know that a man really loves you?

Women and men are very different. And this applies not only appearance, but especially the psychology of perception and behavior. But sometimes the signs sent her husband are properly “read” a woman. That is why in this article I want to talk about how to understand what the man really loves you, love signs the stronger half of humanity. window repair Miami
How do you know that a man really loves you? How do you know if a married man loves you?
Few of the men and women
As mentioned above, men and women differ. Thus, if the lady wants to fall in love a man, the guy is, most likely notice immediately. It can be talking about anything cute gifts or treats. Women to achieve their goals may even involve family and friends. Men have the same all the way around. They almost never pretend to the outside, while remaining just as calmly as before. How in this case be as clear that man really loves you?

The young man not only listens, but hears
If the guy really in love with the girl, he will try to learn about it as much as possible. That is why the conversations people will try to catch every word of his lover, not wanting to miss even the smallest detail. But there is one “but”: do not be interior design madison if your favorite forgot something. Just a man somewhat differently perceive and understand information even spoken it. That is what’s important woman may seem minor child. electronics USA

The man says
The following advice as to understand what the man really loves you, listen to it. For only the information that gives a guy can understand how it relates to girls. If the conversation topic on the weather and everyday so do not go – do not be tempted. After all, if people love, it will gradually let the soul of the object of his admiration. Love people and talk about his family, and work, and sometimes even the most intimate. This is one of the most important features. As is known, mostly men say little. cleaning service Miami

Appearance husband
Must also say that people love as a woman tries to look as good as possible. If the guy on a date wearing a nice shirt or buying a new sweater, so he does not care spa services Madison he thinks about companion. This is not the first sign of love?
Again one “but”: do not expect the careless person who never paid attention to her wardrobe, and there was the dandy dramatically change. Love will take place, and old habits back in place.
Even as understand that man really loves you? You need to look at how a guy treats his money. Every man and feels as breadwinner, and love – even more so. That young man who feels affection for a woman, is unlikely to make paying your favorite restaurant or buy trinkets itself.
It also must take into account the fact that the guy can not spread on their income, but here’s something to plan financially costly man in love with his lady just be.

Time to favorite
The following advice as to understand whether a man likes to: estimate the time that the couple spends together. It often happens that friends take offense at her lover’s friend, calling him a “sissy. But this is not surprising. Just a young person wants as much time to spend with his beloved, paying less attention to their comrades. Yes, of course, will not always. But for the first time a normal reaction of the opposite sex. After all, people only want to know more about his chosen. dentist Miami

Sacrifice for the beloved
Sometimes women ask: how to understand the actions that people love? To be sure that if the guy is on some sacrifices for the sake of all, it says a lot. But this does not mean that the favorite should remodel itself, act contrary to the principles or views. Victims should also be reasonable. Normally, if the guy refuses to view football for a hike in the cafe with his beloved. But if a man throws of love just because it wanted so lady – that’s normal. These guys behave similarly in other situations. It should not be forgotten.
A few words about married men
Sometimes it also happens that a married man does favors is not his wife. What can you do as they say, the heart can not command. But how exactly understand the seriousness of its intentions as to understand, love you a married man? stylist Miami

Small gifts and favors
You have to understand that if a guy is married, he can not be taught to maximize relations with the new favorite. He will lie to his wife, to give time to two women simultaneously. Therefore, demand too much from this guy can not. But bring your attitude guy can using gifts. It need not be expensive presents. This can be a nice postcard or a modest flower. The main thing which expression or words is rising. These are the signs of attention and show love the stronger half of humanity.

Beloved husband never cause pain
Next hint as to understand that loves a married man. So, if the guy does not cause pain and trying to protect his lady – a sure sign of love. That young man is trying to protect his passion of negativity, bad news or unpleasant for her information. And, of course, he would not say rude or dissolve hands. Lovers guys respect his beloved, her thought and her wish.
How do you know that a man really loves you? How do you know if a married man loves you?
A part of life
How do you know that married people really love and ready for the relationship to much? It is necessary to trace how far in his life, he puts a new favorite. Of course, such a man will not introduce his passion with his parents, but that a true friend can imagine. Also not surprising when he will talk about their favorite vacation spots, classes, interests and hobbies. Maximum of what can be told without affecting other parallel lives.

Joint Recreation
Another tip, how to understand that a married man loves you if a guy is planning a joint recreation – is a sure sign of affection. That such a man should really try to allocate at least a couple hours of free time, not to mention several days. And if the young man tried to carve out some hours or days – it just demonstrates his love.
Miles nonsense
The last hint as to understand whether married man loves you, you need to analyze his behavior. Love people something similar with children. They can fool around, make a pleasant nonsense and foolish things. If this is the guy – he just love. Such a man can write sweet, silly SMS-ing, and a good joke.
How do you know that a man really loves you? How do you know if a married man loves you?
As like zodiac signs
Separately should also tell how like men – representatives of different zodiac signs.
Man Aries. This guy can show his feelings openly, without shame. In a fit of love he is generous, fun and bezuderzhen. Never skimp on the sweet words, gifts, acts. But in a relationship women prefer strong, strong-willed and determined. If such a man before the woman reveals not only the soul but also the wallet, so he definitely love.
Man Taurus. More will be discussed on how to realize that man Taurus loves you. here These guys maloэmotsyonalnы, they practically do not show their feelings. But if you have already decided that they wanted to win his wife to be very persistent. Taureans like a serious relationship, flirting and courting them – a brief period. They frivolity – evil. Love is Taurus – is assertive and confident macho.
Man Gemini. This guy changing their desires and views. I guess his state of mind is very, very difficult. These men love cool, well-read woman, which is to talk about. But they quickly get bored. So change partner for members of this zodiac sign is not news. Love Twins are trying to change the feeling and atmosphere, not to change the surrounding people. So if rather long Taurus guy had a girl, he just in love.

Male cancer. This guy can fall in love at first sight, as representatives of partner sign often choose instinctively. If a girl knows how to cook, includes your home and yourself in clean and tidy – it is half the battle towards a favorite to this man. Of Cancers can pass all the stages of relationships, from candy-buketnoho period to betrothal, marriage and having children. But only if you do not make fun of a guy weaknesses and endure all of his mood swings. Love Cancer – a calm quiet family man who does not want to go somewhere in the house.
Man-lion. I wonder how to understand what people love you, Leo? You need only to analyze the behavior of the guy. Love Lions generous, generous. They are ready to give everything, even to their own detriment. But instead require adherence to his person. Man, Lion’s no need to criticize others when they need to get involved. Only in this case the couple all will be well.
Man Virgo. And understand that male Virgo loves you? Here, things are more complicated. And all because the guys representatives of this zodiac sign are very demanding in their half. And his feelings are literally looking at in detail, slowly figuring in the correctness of his action. Understand love Virgo guy or not, very, very difficult. Here it will connect insight, as the external manifestation of its commitment these men did not show.
Man Libra. It should be noted that this guy is in need of love. He literally will seek relations, hardly figuring relations. That’s why at first glance it may seem that people love. But “tell” about it can only its romance. If a young man is cold, and flirting seriously about his beloved – he just is not able to love. This behavior for weights of serious relationships, not typical.

Male Scorpio. It’s time to figure out how to understand what people Scorpio loves you. These guys tend to exercise addiction, but do not like when their intentions or feelings unraveling. Often these guys are showing jealousy and a sense of ownership, and “tell” about a lover boy. Yet we must remember that the Scorpio’s inner world should defend. And if she agrees to it, it also runs the risk of switch to discharge passions.
Man Sagittarius. This guy is not prone to emotional experiences. That is, it normally refers to a flirtation without commitment and serious relationships. If he feels little affection, he is ready to tell the world, even slightly perebilshyvshy. So believe every word the man-Sagittarius is not necessary. Love the guy representative of this sign differ generosity and warmth.
Man Capricorn. It is very discreet guys who all their feelings and emotions as much as possible try to keep under control. Best of all will feel in a relationship of equal partners. When Leo invites for a cup of coffee, and it will no longer evening will follow. Lovers young people are very serious about the relationship.
Man Aquarius. These guys – the idealists in love. They like everything to be very good, but relations have developed in a melodrama, slowly and beautifully. About his love did not immediately say, assessing the pros and cons. But if a young man goes to the lady on the esoteric exhibition or want to shelter homeless kitten together – he just love.
Man Pisces. These guys just made for love. Each new capture how they perceive the relationship for life. So guess love guy Pisces is a snap. Such men are gentle, they will try to avoid sharp corners, hiding and hide unpleasant facts from their halves. In wooing young people are very resourceful. A love fish and do during love decorating romantic deeds and interesting trips. click here

How to stop crying for any occasion and yell?

Excessive emotion inherent in many of the fair sex, and sometimes have this trait and men. You cry watching sad movie, very worried for any criticism and do not know how to avoid conflicts, bringing every detail to grand scandal? Then you should think about their own behavior and involuntary emotional reactions. How to stop crying and nervous for any reason? spa service Miami
Tranquility – health pledge
How to stop crying for any occasion and yell?
Let’s see why you should not be nervous. Stress and tension – the daily companions of people living in modern cities. This constant rush, everyday problems, queues and minor conflicts. So why one person keeps a positive attitude and convinces himself that all this stuff and another seriously going interior design madison every situation – from the scandal in the queue to store ten-late for work? It all depends on oblychchyastoyi mental stability and configuration of the individual. Indeed nervous – this is very bad. Stress is one of the causes of many chronic diseases. Any experience a negative impact on mental performance. Even if you feel that you have calmed down and cried, for a long time will be difficult to concentrate and make difficult decisions quickly. Any experience negative effect on the nervous system and inhibits it. As a result, always nervously, people quickly get tired and often is in unproductive state.

It is necessary to use sedatives?
Today, at any pharmacy can see the entire arsenal of drugs for acquiring peace. This pills, syrups, and a variety of soothing drops. How to stop screaming and crying? Is it really enough to start taking special medication? Some sedatives give a good effect on others blunted emotions, others are spa services Madison block the production of tears though, regardless of your feelings. However, continuous use of pharmacological agents given category not fit too well. First, they have side effects, often drowsiness, slow reactions, impaired concentration. When receiving such drugs can not control vehicles and machines. Secondly, tablets and drops haunt, and enter into a state of lethargy and dullness. Many people compare the effects of such drugs with an average alcohol. And the most important negative soothing – high likelihood of addiction. Accordingly, use of pharmacological means has only one-time, especially in difficult situations. With daily stress should fight willpower. more

Simple techniques to calm
How to stop crying for any occasion and yell?
You feel that you are about ready to start or razrыdaetes prove his innocence screaming? Stop and mentally count to ten. Another good way to take a little breather and relax – drink some water, not for nothing that personal bottles and cups are arranged always at the table before the meeting or important negotiations. Not sure how to stop crying, try the same manner. Pour a glass of cool water and drink slow sips, it helps to normalize breathing and distraction. Breathing exercises – another great way for rapid entry of rest. Do not know how to do any special exercises? No problem, come to an open window or get you outside and breathe fresh air in deeply.

Declare war stress!
How to stop crying for any occasion and yell?
Not sure how to stop crying over trifles? Learn to manage your care. Your nerves are so exhausted that the eyes begin to tear at all aggressive criticism for remarks or even entirely from outsiders? Learn to ignore the negative input stream. You curse or express claims? Listen only half, think of something pleasant or oblychchyaste and ignoring the surrounding environment, re-examine the wallpaper in the room or view. Remember, about 80 percent of what you now seem intimidating or impossible, really – minor problems. There Oriental wisdom on the topic: “Before you nervous, consider whether you remember this next year?”. Try to remember this saying, and then you do not have to think about how to stop crying for any occasion.
Positive thinking read more

Try to learn to appreciate themselves and optimally evaluated. Think unless such a wonderful and talented man deserves to be seriously worried over nothing? But stop crying because of other people’s problems and feelings? Sentimentality is inherent in many women not ashamed to let tears after watching the film moving or remembering some sad story. However, if the fate of the heroes of the series you care about more than their own, or you’re worried every time very much, you should think about their health.
Remember that the only important what happens to you. If you do not know how to stop crying over stories and other people’s troubles, try to protect themselves from such information. Watch funny movies and read positive books. Simply and quickly help calm a positive image. In difficult moments think about what you infinitely happy. This may be his own child, your loved one or pet. Or just imagine the beautiful landscape. Once you something unpleasant happens and you are ready to fall, think of this little wonder, imagining it visually in detail. pc repair Miami

Take time for yourself
How to stop crying for any occasion and yell? Whatever it may sound strange, but scientists proved that the stress of man depends on her physical health. Do not be lazy to take care of themselves. Try to eat more healthy products, be physically active, try to sleep enough and do not forget to visit the open air. And believe me, when such lifestyle nervous you become much smaller. It is also useful to give up bad habits. It is believed that cigarettes and alcohol quiet, but it is not – the money rather depressing nervous system and cause just relax in a short time. If all the tips in this article will not help, it makes sense to turn to a psychologist or therapist. Believe me, in some cases only an expert is able to learn how to calm down and stop crying and afraid to visit it is not worth it. info

What does it mean woman of love?

Relations with the loved one – it’s always hard work and great responsibility. Feel strong commitment – what does it mean? Favorite woman often becomes the center and the meaning of man’s life. It is able to fill his emotional interior design in Madison, paint a sad existence, even oblychchyasti help realize the goals.
What does the woman I love?
“I love you” – often say the stronger sex to their ladies, but did not realize that it makes sense to invest in this concept. Love truly – is that so? Favorite woman is always seen in the rainbow light: she is beautiful, smart, talented, mysterious, unique. It we are willing to forgive many errors related to the various spheres of life. What rules should be followed to building a fair, harmonious relations?

What does it mean to love a woman?
Actually it is not so easy. Love generally requires a person a lot of strength and energy. You will need a lot of endurance and courage to be able to properly take this gift and allow it to manifest in life. A woman should be able to win. Every man who spa services Madison at least once been in love knows how sometimes it is difficult to meet with a girl like. The concern it in person – even harder. Well, if the conversation you were similar views, common interests. On this basis we can construct an interesting dialogue, which further helps to get close.

Many wonder, love – is that so? Favorite may please you upset, but that feeling does not depend on these displays. Love can not quickly get rid overcome in itself, even if it causes excruciating pain and makes people suffer. Loving wife – it’s always a huge feat, work, which undoubtedly makes people better.

Acceptance of responsibility
When we decide to combine their fate to a specific person, then at the same time need to understand that taking on big commitments. Men often make promises chosen one of the happiest on earth. This desire required even when you said it only within himself, mentally. Many might be surprised: this is what it means? Favorite now becomes your responsibility. No one else is responsible for its welfare, but a loving husband or partner in life. You, as the closest person must do everything possible to ensure that she had a sense of security next to you.
What does the woman I love?
Acceptance of responsibility also assumes that people will not do anything that might offend or undermine the credibility of his companion. He never put it in not a good situation, do not say rough words and not make feel great inconvenience. Anyone who loves rather agree to donate their own time and well-being in order to make happy his chosen.
Former lover
In psychology, there is a widespread belief that partners truly never forget each other. It’s not eternal love or unresolved issues is a former partner of a number of memories (positive or not) that provoke specific emotions. Former girlfriend is no exception. It may require attention or you still hope to return. The main thing in this matter – to understand what you want.

From the lady who decided to terminate the relationship with you, you need to act very carefully not to provoke negative effects on her part not to incur all sorts of trouble. Some girls like to arrange scandals, intrigue arrange and otherwise spoil the life of his former partners. It would seem that this relationship? If revenge is not quite possible manifestations of envy, increased egocentrism.
How to keep the relationship long?
If you want to build a strong and happy family, remember that a lot depends on yourself. Be courteous and polite, give your beloved enough attention, then it will not have to feel lonely and abandoned.
Several times think before you say a sharp word or make insulting remarks. Girls – extremely vulnerable beings, they long remember the images, even if not dare utter it aloud.

Original gift to a man for his birthday

On the traditional gifts for men walk more than a joke. Socks, shaving gel, at best cologne – do not you think it’s too simple and formal? After all, the strong half of mankind is not less diverse needs than women, and they are not limited to practical things. How to make an original gift to man? When interior design in Madison the day “X”, and you have absolutely no idea, read on and we will solve this annoying bug.
Original gift to her husband for his birthday
Intangible original gift to man
This is a great option for those who have everything, or where the husband – the main breadwinner in the family, or when “the Finance sing songs.” And do not think that such a birthday or other significant date would be less happy:

Video Greeting. Find all close contacts, old friends of her husband, with whom he rarely sees, contact them and ask them to make a short video greeting. Mount separate file in one small film (the Internet there are many lessons like this just do it) and show her husband. If the birthday fell on a weekday, then send the video to his email. Positive emotions are guaranteed.
Your photo scrapbooking technique – an original gift to man have to do more than one night, but the spa madison is worth it. Gather your best photos, concert tickets with you visited any small memorabilia (or try to find their equivalent) and nice Draw them. You can just prepare lists of materials in Word and include them in the printing center where your layout transform into a unique book in a single copy, but this work will cost dearly.

Favorite dish – a gift that will be enjoyed exactly. If you think it’s too easy, arrange a week of culinary fantasies. Daily cook tested recipes that your spouse likes and is familiar with its innovations. Such attention will not leave him indifferent.
Bank desires – a very original gift to her husband for his birthday. On separate pieces of paper, write various nice things, like going to the movies, breakfast in bed, erotic fantasies, and so on. D. Make them beautiful bank and let the man pulls on a note, when he wants. Well, you should do everything in your power to fulfill what is written on paper.
Original gift to her husband for his birthday

The whole world in secret
These original gift options will be particularly relevant if your husband – a man open and friendly:
Cards – rozkleyte announcement of his birthday in the city with a request to congratulate him on the phone or at social networks.
An article in the newspaper – you can buy a seat at the print edition and post it your greeting. The cost will depend on the size and popularity of newspapers articles.
Congratulations on the radio – even if you have to sit on the phone for an hour, but the result is worth it.
Greetings from colleagues – pre-warn them about the birthday man. Ask greet him, but let them not say where learned about the event.

Romantic launched
Predictable, but for many men it is most desired gift on birthday. Here are ideas that you both enjoy:

Develop boredom in marriage and lift yourself as a wedding gift. Of course, do not forget the beautiful wrapping – bow, which is worn on bare skin or erotic lingerie.
Potsilunkovyy gift. Adopt a nice family tradition, the birthday celebrant relies kiss him many times how old he was. And do this one again: the lips or around the face – no matter. This original gift to man has a special advantage – every year the number of kisses will grow.
Dinner – the idea itself is not new, but try to put the maximum quality of life. Flirt with a man as you did at the beginning of your relationship, help him relax and lose cargo daily worries, allow each other to concentrate only on this point.
Original gift to her husband for his birthday
Interesting gifts
Let’s say a firm ‘no’ socks and gels! Jolly Here are some options:
Gift related to hobbies husband. Acoustic Guitar, Action Cam, a set of expensive paint brushes – specific option depends on the preferences of men.
Photo autographed celebrity or a copy of the book autographed by your favorite author – this is a real treasure in the collection and show your husband that you are keenly interested in his hobbies.
Certificate of extreme entertainment – a parachute jump, flying in a small plane as a 2-year pilot, race ATVs, extreme driving course – all that gives unforgettable memories, this is the best gift to man.

Need electronics
Modern gadgets – a weakness of the majority of boys:
Pauэrbank (external battery) high capacity – to “village” electronics ever threatened your husband.
High-quality compact portable audiokolonka that works via Bluetooth – useful gift for music fans, because even in expensive smartphones sound quality equals the full column. Even better, if it is waterproof – these models can be attached to the wall in the bathroom shower and then turns into a concert.
RC helicopter kvadrokopter or other similar equipment – all men are children at heart and will are pleased that gift.