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What is the psychology of creativity?

All of us at least once engaged in work. And if you tried to grasp the essence of these sessions? It will help in the psychology of creativity.
What it is?

What is the psychology of creativity? This section of psychology who studies human creation of something new, previously unknown, and in many different areas of life: science, art, technology, as well as in everyday daily life.
Unfortunately, this trend is only interior design in Madison a clear theoretical framework has not. That science exists only as part of research, experimentation, observation. Yes, there are some guidelines, but a clear answer to the question of how to develop creativity and how to introduce creativity in everyday life, no.

Generally, the term “work” includes not only oblychchyastosti activity, but it generated values of life and the fate of the individual in moving society, culture, science and other areas. And creativity is considered to be a process that can lead to a particular product. But this process is multifaceted, complex and often subservient to anyone except the creator.
What is the psychology of creativity?
Psychology of creativity is the relationship between the creative process, product, and thus “the creator”. The process must belong oblychchyastosti, but then the product belongs culture.
The main objects of study of the psychology of creativity is creativity and creative thinking man, his inner world, so called spiritual potential, emotional processes, inspiration, individual psychological characteristics oblychchyastosti, intuition, imagination.

In addition, the line includes also the impact that a person can have a creative team (if it exists), society, the world situation, trends and factors that stimulate creative activity (this includes brainstorming, some drugs discussions, etc.).
Different scholars have advanced various theories. For example, Freud believed that creativity is the unconscious components and motivation. And motivation is related to the so-called eros, that thirst for life that is based on sexual train. This is the most creative part of the human mind is unconscious.
Jung agreed with Freud in part and had asked unconscious creativity. But he also added that a person has two elements: oblychchyastisnyy and creative. And the interaction of these principles will depend abilities, characteristics, traits, skills.
Kelly saw the work as an alternative to banality. The man he believed scientists and researchers who interacts with the world and interprets it in their own recycling information. That all life – is nothing but the creative process.
Allport and Fromm viewed the work as a way of life. Rogers set the basis for the “field experience”, which includes feeling, events, actions, perceptions that a person chooses, I do not understand it. But Maslow called the work function of the person, which includes all forms of expression.
What activities can be considered creative?

Creative can be called any activity, which resulted in creating something qualitatively new. But clear boundaries between the work and regular activities to do, and many psychologists recognize it. Rather, they can be defined, but only subjectively.
In the process of creating something people can rely on as their own experience and the experience of others, and to some expectations, generally trend. Strange ideas can be used for inspiration, which is an integral part of the process. This is not to say that the creator simply “stole” other people’s opinions. He turned them replaced, adding something. And it also works.

Varieties creativity

There are several types of work:

The scientific work – the discovery and interpretation of laws and phenomena of the real world. The features of this kind of logic is, reliance on abstract. The final product – it is knowledge.

Technical work covering the practical or technological transformation of reality. It relies on the efficient and creative thinking. The product is machinery and construction.

Artistic creativity – is the aesthetic development of the world and reality, as well as meet the aesthetic needs oblychchyastosti, that the pursuit of beauty. The primary is a clear and creative thinking. The product – a character who lies in a material object, such as a poem, sculpture, painting.

Co-creation – a perception of art and their interpretation.

Separately allocated baby work that deserves special attention and is very interesting kind. In fact, do the work of all the children, as well as simple and everyday lessons as the game can already be regarded as a creative process, as in the child connects imagination, dreams, comes up with something new.

Educational work – a search for something new in the educational sphere to give more students to teach them something special.

How can you change your past?

Each of us was wrong, and some errors were fatal and changed lives. And you can fix them, or you can change the past?
Is it possible to change the past?

Unfortunately, the time machine has not yet invented, so return to the past is impossible. Yet despair not interior design in Madison it, because something still can be done. It all depends on your perception. Generally, events and phenomena that occur in life – is something intangible and subjective.
How can you change your past?
In other words, what is not possible, for example, touch. In addition, a situation may be treated differently not only by different people, but one person at different times. This means that you can not change the past, but their attitude to him, emotions, thoughts, opinions, conclusions and so on. This can really help and not once helped a lot.
What to do if you really want to correct the mistakes of the past?

So how can you change your past and correct mistakes once committed?

Live the present, think about the future. After all, the idea of a man is not his past actions, although of course they may also have some impact. But a great and good work may block all your mistakes. So if you are experiencing due to the fact that once done something bad, you start right now to do good. Then think of you will be quite different.

Change your attitude to the event, find positive sides. For example, if a few years ago you could not go to university, so did not get a good job, look at it another way, look for pros. So, think about what this profession just does not suit you. Believe that the best you ahead. And if you have the other half and baby, remember that they were probably just due to the fact that if you started to learn, and decided to organize oblychchyaste life and enjoy it. After all, everything that is done – for the better. And the positive aspects can be found throughout.

Think of the so-called “butterfly effect”, known to all on the same film. Heroes of the bestselling were able to travel in time, but it did not lead to anything good. By changing something in the past, you will certainly change the present and even the future, and not necessarily for the better. This idea will really let go, finally, once held the event for which you blame yourself.

Try to go back and mentally imagine that you have done differently. Remember your emotions, thoughts, status, facial expressions, gestures, in short, everything. And when you start to remember again the error, return recorded in the state in which you were making all different. This mental exercise will help you relax and forget everything bad.

If you have that someone caused the pain, just talk to that person. Tell him about your feelings, ask for forgiveness. Perhaps he will understand and forgive, and this will allow you to finally forget about what happened.

Imagine that it did not happen to you. Try to look at the situation from the outside, if you are watching a movie with your participation. Maybe what happened will seem not so serious. In addition, you can begin to empathize with the heroes of virtual and fictional film and, eventually, to understand them and then himself.

Zmyritsya. If you believe in God or fate, just assume that what happened had to happen and does not depend on you. And even if you wanted to be much more time to change something, would not be able to do this because the world and life run a higher power. Yes, such thoughts will not change the past, but help you stop reprove himself and to think about their mistakes.

Analyze the situation and pereosmyslit it. If you have done some work, then ask yourself why you did so, and not otherwise. Think of all the details of the event and determine what influenced your decision, action. Perhaps your experience will help you understand what other options just not there, or they were simply unacceptable.

You can try to appeal to the hypnotist. The past session of hypnosis certainly not change, but help you experience the situation, relive it, to understand what you are worried, to understand their thoughts and feelings. And if you’re in such a way vstryahnete their minds, it can interpret it very differently and you begin to relate to events much easier.

Change your life and yourself to become another person. Surprisingly, it works. Start with his appearance: a wardrobe update, change your hairstyle, hair color, style generally all that may resemble the past. Soon you will notice that feel quite differently. From external changes to go inside. First, Get rid of bad habits. Then start to develop a new quality to learn something new and improve skills. Feeling another person, you completely change your life destiny. And if life is now you have another, then everything that happened before to you is irrelevant. It was a different reality.

Understand that all wrong, and you also have the right to do so. After all, if there were errors, there would be no experience and would not have you, that this man that you are.

Gift girl for a year relationship

Just a year ago you began to meet with his girlfriend, for which he constantly thankful? During this time, your pair moved closer, relationships become more smooth, you understand each other better, and still in love? Then it is necessary to show their feelings, making the girl a gift for the anniversary relations. All of the fair sex love receiving gifts from their men, and even more so it’s nice when it comes to such date as the anniversary of relations. PrepodnesŃ‘nny this day surprise, it allows a woman to feel needed and wanted, and this is so important! read

Gift girl for a year or anniversary of relations
1. Romantic date. Girls always appreciate men who are able to arrange an unusual romantic evening. Although for the time spent together, for sure, there were a few particularly memorable encounters, try to come up with something special. It may be worthwhile to organize a candlelight dinner on the roof of high-rise building where you can see the interior design in Madison city, as the palm? Of course, this idea is only suitable for the warm season. Some companies provide similar services, so the difficulties should arise. Imagine – you two, a good bottle of wine, soft music, candles, a warm breeze touches your hair and only the lights around the metropolis! Unforgettable meeting could take place on the water, if you attempt to rent a boat for a walk, though it is quite inexpensive. If you are not low on money, go right under the clouds – a walk in a balloon. This is truly unusual and romantic!

2. Gift for relaxation. Do you know a girl who deny myself the pleasure to spend a day at the spa? Hardly. Then entertain your favorite certificate for service in the beauty salon, where she will feel like a queen. Rest assured, after all sorts of relaxing treatments it again to make sure that you are the best man in the world!

3. Expensive perfumes – a great gift, but it is likely not to guess the preferences of the lady. Only if you know exactly what flavor she likes, feel free to buy her perfume. Assistant in the choice of fragrance can become your closest friend darling. more

Whatever gift girl year relationship you’re not prepared, supplement it with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Then you can be sure you will do everything to win again the favorite.

Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers
Many design elements will be too expensive for the average citizen or the acquisition of such accessories is possible with the condition of their not very high quality. These accessories include some types of conventional lighting devices, such as chandeliers. Of course, today the chandelier, which can be bought in many stores, is not such a mandatory element of the interior. Instead, it is possible to use conventional lamps, which are inserted into the walls, ceiling or floor. more info

Crystal chandeliers

Another condition that will not be too sad about the high cost of chandeliers – the opportunity to purchase cheaper versions of the object. Of course, not everyone will be able to select and order the production of this exclusive rock crystal chandelier, which is processed manually and polished masters of the leading brands. But almost anyone can buy an ordinary chandelier, which is not too will be different from the crystal but made of crystal glass.

For example, a crystal chandelier, which will buy too expensive, even with its better refraction of light and bright design, in fact, will be for ordinary apartments even more viable interior design in Madison. After all, it does not cover the purchase a great room with high ceilings, which is often visited by many guests. Often, the more massive and powerful lamps installed in the rooms, and they are intended to illuminate the ordinary family dinner. read here

It should also consider what the chandelier. This pendant ceiling light, which is intended to form the indoor shadowless lighting. That is, for small rooms in an apartment or private home will be enough and normal.

In addition, such a device would be useful for any person, allowing him to create a high-quality lighting in any room. To select the lighting, in our time, using multiple switches, which allow you to adjust the amount included lamps or the intensity of their glow. Thus, it is easy to achieve the necessary degree of illumination to the room by using only one chandelier. This will be handy if you need to create a different atmosphere. For example, when one evening relaxing in the company of friends and want to get more bright light, and the next time arrange twilight for a romantic date. click