Artificial Plants in the Interior

Artificial plants in the interior
We all remember a time when the presence in the house of artificial flowers was considered a sign of bad taste. Master could well be suspected of lack of taste with a lurid articles in previous years. Not long ago, the term “artificial flowers” meant flashy paint, rough work, low-cost materials and simple forms.

Artificial plants in the interior

Now in this area there have been dramatic changes in the market of artificial plants offers a wide range of exquisite and truly beautiful decorative items, virtually indistinguishable in appearance of natural colors, trees, vines and songs. Buy artificial plants is now possible not only in the usual floristry shop and order online.

Regular online shop is ready to offer its visitors dozens of different artificial trees, flowers and single tracks, lianas, and plaster casts, pictures of fruit … You can buy artificial trees and other large plants in pots. Modern artificial flowers distinguishes absolute external identity with the originals. However, when choosing to remember that not every plant will have a place in a particular interior.

Artificial flowers or vines must be harmoniously fit into the overall style of the house. They should be chosen as deliberately as choosing furniture or drapes. For example, take the house, decorated in classic style. It will fall to the place of flowers in the form of a woven garlands. Also successful is the choice in favor of massive heavy wreaths, bouquets of flowers with long stems. Well, if the stems are pulled decorative ribbons.

Walk through the architectural styles

Classic long used interlacing flowering plants along the entire height of the columns and the ceiling curly stems. At the present time to make such an interior with living plants – a task arch-complicated and impracticable. To achieve success in the short term will allow garlands of artificial ivy or vines, you can also use the rose die.

If the interior is dominated by minimalism, you should turn to the east motives in choosing plants for his recovery. It can be used not only the traditional bamboo and bonsai trees, rice straw and bush blooming jasmine. If you do opt for a natural plant, you have to come to terms with the need to pay for them a large sum.

Another significant drawback – Oriental Nicety guests, they are constantly in need of special care. But if you buy artificial trees, they can be positioned even in cold rooms with poor ventilation or in an open landscape. The halls, swimming pools, entrances, pavilions …

Flower arrangements can also be applied in the homes of high-tech style. Few fresh flowers that have long retain their strength and beauty under halogen lighting and LEDs. But powerful decorative lighting will not affect the representatives of artificial flora. For high-tech suit quite compact bouquets of flowers muted shades.

For the houses in the country-style and modern, as well as colonial and romantic interiors need a lot of plants, especially for the kitchen. These architectural styles require the presence in the decoration cornucopia, fruit baskets, flowers in pots, hanging pots, herb bundles. It is not always possible to recreate the splendor of the natural way.

Many plants simply can not exist side by side. Kitchen temperature and evaporation adversely affect the state of real flowers. But artificial ingredients will create the illusion of enduring violence of vegetation and the predominance of fruit and vegetable abundance in a particular house.

In any case, we can confidently say that if you want to create around itself a plant paradise, but to a smaller mess around with it, it is necessary to see the shops offering to buy artificial plants, trees and flowers.